Book Love: Holiday Gifts

As it is nearing the holiday season and many of you are probably panicking about what to buy your family and friends, here are some fabulous bookish gift ideas that are sure to please anyone you can think of. From the cheap and simple to the pricey but worth it, all of these items are thoughtfully made and wonderful to look at.

I’m going to start with the most expensive one first simply because when I saw it, I gasped it delight. Don’t tell me you didn’t do the same thing when you look below. (It’s a jewellery box!)
Shop: MyButterflySister
Price: $205.65 CAN
book box

I selected this item because I thought it was a really neat idea. The entire wreath is made of recycled books, and the colours make it the perfect home decoration year-round.
Shop: BookishCreation
Price: $47.98 CAN
book wreath

This gift would be for the legally-aged in your family or circle of friends, but I just think it’s so clever.
Shop: DrinkingBuddy
Price: $23.24 CAN
book drink

I couldn’t tell you what it smells like from the picture, but I think the whole design is simply gorgeous, don’t you? (Bonus: this candle is vegan.)
Shop: IntheWickofTime
Price: $20.56 CAN

This bracelet is lovely and quotes one of the best book series’ out there.
Shop: Scribbelicious
Price: $37.31 CAN
hp brace

These earrings are simplistic but would go with any outfit and are just perfect for your favourite bibliophile of any age.
Shop: JicsisJewellery
Price: $8.27 CAN
book ear

What were your favourites?


Book Love: Bookish Coasters

Today I was playing around with the idea of bookish drinks. You know, coming up with mixed drinks inspired by your favourite novels, characters, etc. (more on that in a later post, I promise). I went on Etsy, which is where I found the wonderful From the Page, and came across a variety of book-inspired drink coasters that I just had to share with you guys.

I will be including links to the business sites on Etsy so you can browse around and buy them if you want (which I recommend!). Let me know how much you love these and which ones are your favourites!
Shop: Neurons Not Included
Jane Austen Book Coasters: $30.72 CAN
jane austen coasters

Shop: Kelly’s Magnets
Generic Book Lovers’ Coasters: $10.92 CAN
book lovers

Shop: Oh Gaud
Harry Potter Coasters w/ Chapter Illustrations: $27.30+ CAN
harry potter coasters

Happy Reading!
-Ember Book Reviews

Book Love: Pumpkin Carvings

Who’s excited for Halloween? I know I am. In a strange turn of events, my partner’s family is celebrating Thanksgiving on Halloween, but that just means more food.

Halloween also means pumpkins and pumpkin carving, and when I carve a pumpkin, I don’t go for the amateur stuff. Today’s Book Love post is therefore all about bookish pumpkin carvings. Let me know what your favourites are and maybe even send me some pics of your bookish pumpkins!

Because I’m a sucker for TFiOS…but I never thought I’d see it paired with 50 Shades

TFiOs and 50


Because “Harry Potter Pumpkins” just rolls off the tongue. And, hello, pumpkin juice.

harry potter pumpkin


Because this person’s a genius.

Fangirl pump


Because it’s Halloween and this book scared the crap out of me in the third grade.

coraline pump


Happy Halloween!

-Ember Book Reviews

Book Love: Book Nooks

Living in a bedroom not much bigger than Harry’s cupboard under the stairs, I have always been envious of people who have their little reading spaces—you know, like cushiony window benches or even just a nice, cozy chair to curl up in with a book by the fire. My house is pretty small, so there is really nowhere for me to go to read in a cozy, quiet space. That’s why today the theme of my Book Love post is book nooks–so that everyone in my situation can admire and sigh.

book nook 1

[A Geek Saga]

book nook 2


book nook 3


book nook 4


Do you guys have any cozy book nooks of your own? What are your favourites?

-Ember Book Reviews

Book Love: Bookish Cakes

Because I am writing this post at the start of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and have food on the brain, I couldn’t get the image out of my head of book-themed cupcakes I had seen floating around the internet a while ago…

book cakes

[I originally saw this picture on Twitter, but grabbed it off of Write it Down’s blog.]

I decided to do a Google search of bookish cakes, and holy god, I was absolutely blown away. Not only do they look delicious, but the artwork and thought put into them is so intricate and beautiful. It reminds me of why I love reading and why I love the book-lovers community! Check out these delicious cakes below, with links to where I snatched the images:

book cakes2


book cakes3

[Eat Your Books.]

book cakes4

[Cake Wrecks.]

Aren’t they all fantastic?

-Ember Book Reviews

Book Love: From the Page

Hi everybody! I’m thinking of doing a series of posts called “Book Love” where I combine my love for books with my love for lifestyle-related bookish things. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do.

The first thing I wanted to draw your attention to is From the Page, a candle-making shop inspired by all things bookish!

from the page

I discovered them through Twitter, when an author I followed tweeted about them, and then found them on Etsy. I have ordered six of their tin-candles and absolutely love them. The problem is that I don’t like burning them because they’re so cute that I want to keep them. My favourite scents are Hobbiton, Peeta’s Cakes, Hagrid’s Pumpkin Patch, and Dauntless Cake (which I don’t think they have anymore–I’m so sad, agh!).

from the page hagrid

from the page peeta

I currently have Hazel’s Flowers sitting untouched on my headboard because I can’t bear to part with it.

from the page hazel

Everything about these candles are so cute and thoughtful, from the design to the scents and packaging. Delivery was super-speedy and they made great gifts for my mom and in-laws. I even gave two to my boyfriend that he keeps in a drawer as incense.

I encourage you guys to check them out and buy their stuff! If you’re not sure where to start, I’m happy to recommend some things, and the shop owner is also super friendly; contact her if you have any questions.

Let me know what you guys think and what your purchases are! I’m so excited for you all the get to know From the Page.

-Ember Book Reviews

P.S. From the Page has no idea I did this and did not sponsor me in any way.