Hi there! Welcome to Ember Book Reviews. I’m so excited to finally have a platform where I can bring book lovers and book bloggers together to chat, get to know one another, and get even further lost down the rabbit hole that is the love of reading.

Ember Book Reviews is currently run by myself (Victoria) and features one book review per week, one book tag per week, and the weekly meme “Book Love.” Since starting this blog my reading tastes have changed; I used to focus heavily on YA literature, but I am now drifting farther into the Adult literature sphere with a heavy interest in Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, and the occasional contemporary fiction, memoir, or non-fiction novel.

I hope you enjoy this blog. It took a lot of planning, a lot of reading and reviewing, and a lot of courage to finally start it up. I hope it reaches readers far and wide so that we can all talk about the books that we love, or maybe even don’t love so much. Most of all, I hope you read, comment, and come back.

-Ember Book Reviews

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Review Policy:

  1. I will always review honestly. I appreciate your thinking of me to review your book and providing me with a free copy, but if I think your book deserves a low review, I will not hesitate to give it one. That said, if you would prefer I not mention your book on here if I find it deserving of a low review, that is perfectly fine.

2. While offering to provide me with copies to give out to my followers is appreciated, it is in no way necessary. I am just happy that you thought of me and will kindly spread the word about your book if I think it’s any good.

3. If I respectfully decline your review request, it is in no way personal. It may simply be that I’m not a fan of the genre, or I know of a particular scene that I may not be able to handle. It could also mean that I am just too busy at that current time. Thank you for thinking of me, though, and good luck in your search for a good reviewer.



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