Review | Ravina the Witch? | Junko Mizuno


Ravina the Witch?

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Ravina the Witch, from the supremely talented visual artist Junko Mizuno, is a dark, fantastical illustrated tale featuring talking animals, giant birds and dancing mushrooms. When Ravina is given a magic wand by a mysterious old woman, she turns from a lonely girl living in a dump… into a witch?

Some initial thoughts of mine were that this artwork is fantastic–and it really is. The imagery on the cover is consistent throughout the comic in what I would describe as sugar-skull-esque/Mexican-heritage/chibi-infused design. It’s very unique and the colouring of the ink is really fantastical.

But pretty quickly, I realized that the artwork was most of what the comic had going for it.

The storytelling was really lacking; there were times where it just made NO SENSE whatsoever, plot points were added in willy-nilly and then abandoned, and nothing seemed to truly drive the plot–yet it continued forward. It felt very much like the type of story you tell on the spot while sitting around the campfire, put to paper and then never edited for consistency or sense. I’m glad I own it because the artwork is beautiful; however, that is partly influenced by the fact that I can’t take it back so I have to accept that I have it. I do not recommend buying this comic book.

*Also*: You won’t get this from the cover or the back description, but there are some very mature themes in this comic. It looks, for all intents and purposes, like a kids’ comic or at least a teen, but it’s very mature.


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