REBEL RISING by Beth Revis


Star Wars: Rebel Rising

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Jyn Erso is eight years old when the Empire murders her mama. To her disbelief, her papa goes with them, and Jyn is left to wait in a dark cave until Saw Gerrara comes to her rescue. Life with Saw is hard at first, but Jyn grows to love the exciting unpredictability of living with a Rebel fighter. More than that, Jyn grows to love Saw as the father figure she lost. As years pass, Saw’s paranoia pays off in the form of Jyn’s training and her ability to forge a milieu of Imperial docs.

When a mission on Tamsye Prime goes bad, Jyn is left abandoned once again. Jon must forge a life for herself trapped between two enemy alliances. But when both bring about utter destruction everywhere she turns, where in all the galaxy can Jyn find any hope?

Oh my gosh, I love this book! I grew up on Star Wars, but Rogue One is definitely my favourite film in the saga. I love Jyn’s devil-may-care attitude and the way that, for once, the Rebel alliance is cast in a shadow of doubt. Unlike the viewpoint we get from Luke Skywalker’s eyes, with Jyn we see the destruction that the Rebel alliance can cause, especially when the cause is taken too far. When terrorists simply define people who cause terror, then we see that both sides have their fair share.

I loved this book in part because we get a bit of Saw Gerrara’s backstory. He always was a weird character to me in the movie Rogue One, but now I know why he wears that Darth Vader-esque suit and acts so crazed. At the same time, I can now see why Jyn would ever love someone like him in the first place.


Now, one thing I wasn’t a huge fan of in the book was the love story arc. To me, it just seems like Jyn isn’t the vulnerable type, even as a teenager, and Beth Revis didn’t do a very good job of setting up the relationship that Jyn has with Hadder. There was no spark, nothing that pointed to them being a likely match. I think that, even had Hadder lived, he and Jyn wouldn’t have worked out. Jyn needs someone strong–someone who can equal her in every way, but Hadder is too naive and un-relatable to Jyn. I just didn’t get it.

Oh, how I wish Revis would have said Cassian’s name at the end! He’s by far my favourite character, and while I know he’s there because I watched the movie, there was no need for Revis to just gloss over putting his name in the book! And I’m not saying this because I think Jyn and Cassian were a thing, ergo she would have paid special notice of him–I don’t think they’re a romantic match at all, despite those heated glances they give each other in the movie. I just wish his name had been in it for my own sake. I’m sappy, I know.

Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend for anyone, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan, but you’ll love it even if you just appreciate good sci-fi. I’m headed to the library now to check out more of the Star Wars books. I’m about to geek out so hard!